In My power – A story from the London dungeon

Mistress Petrana in Her thrownRecently, I decided to test the skills and devotion a slave that has been longing to serve Me for a very long time. He begged Me desperately for My attention and for the privilege of becoming My slave. I was not sure of his slave abilities and thought he might be just another time-waster living in his own fantasy. I wanted to see if he knew how to really be a devoted slave and if he knew how to serve a real Domme in real life. So I decided to put him to the test.

I told him that I wanted to see if he was able to please Me and entertain Me for a few hours. You have to be a good slave and serve and obey Me as the true Goddess and Queen that I am. Remember slave, I am very demanding and satisfying Me is almost impossible; and if I am not satisfied I will punish you very hard!

He promised Me everything and he behaved as humbly and submissively as he could and tried his best to impress Me with his promises of devotion. I am not easily swayed and I told him “I will believe it when I see it slave”. The day before our meeting I ordered him not to touch himself and not to masturbate. I just don’t understand why men have to masturbate instead of doing much more important things like serving Women and making themselves useful to us. They would rather waste their time instead of doing something useful to serve a Mistress. No pleasure for those inferior male beings; they are here to suffer and make Mistress happy. Nothing else!

Mistress Petrana playing with Her petTo make him suffer even more I had sent him a couple of super sexy photos of Me. I wanted to show him that he cannot control himself and that he is just another horny slave-pet under My heel and easily manipulated by Me. Then I decide to stop communicating with him and make him suffer and long to be My pet. You can be sure that he probably did not sleep all night thinking of his Mistress. When I woke up in the late morning I found a couple of desperate messages from him in my inbox. How pathetic. I don’t care about his needs and his horniness. It is all about Me and My pleasure. He needs to be punished for this behavior. This stupid slave needs to be taught that Mistress needs and desires are the only thing that count and that he is just My toy to be used and abused by Me for My sadistic pleasure. He has to learn that he is just a slave and that he was born only to serve Me and make Mistress happy!

Mistress Petrana tying up a slave for a beating