Chastity journal

A while ago a slave that I have known ever since I began in the lifestyle sent Me a humble request and asked Me if I would enjoy being his chastity key holder. Naturally, I loved the idea and told him that he could have the honour of being kept in chastity by Me. He sent Me a tribute for My time and effort as well as the key to his chastity belt, which I wear on My necklace. For Me, this is a very enjoyable fetish. I love the feeling of power and love to take control over somebody and make him My slave and control his life. I love holding his chastity and his pleasure in My hands. I also love being able to easily manipulate him and make him obey My every word. Being kept in 24/7 chastity makes My slaves even more obedient and devoted to Me, their Goddess.

I have full control over their pleasure and over their lives. I alone decide if and when they get to release. He asked Me if I would allow him to create an account on Twitter in order to become virtually closer to Me. I found that was a great idea, and also a form of online public humiliation, something that I love to do.

He had been playing with this idea quite some time and had locked himself in the CB a few times but always felt that he missed having a Mistress to control him. It was like licking a bonbon that’s inside a wrapper; not quite the same as the real thing. He was thinking about whom to ask to take control over his life and his key. He knew Me from the past when we both were very active in Czech fetish chat rooms and we both were curious about BDSM and exploring our sexuality. After many years he finally wrote Me again. He knew that I was working as a pro Domme but he also knew that the BDSM lifestyle was not just a job for Me but rather it is My lifestyle 24/7. Now I live it 24/7 and am free to enjoy every single aspect of the Femdom life. The slave was super happy that I agreed and he sent Me his key by mail right away.

Without a Mistress to own you, chastity play is meaningless and now he finally found Me. I was someone who he already knew and could trust. He was now the property of a beautiful, young, natural born Dominant with the same fetishes as him. It was like a deadly and intoxicating cocktail for him. He said goodbye to his previous life and now he could finally fully live his life as a devoted slave.

When he finally locked himself in his CB he did not feel anything different for the first few days. Everything was like normal. He created a Twitter account to be closer to his beautiful Owner and follow what I do and enjoy My photos and posts on Twitter and Facebook. But suddenly, after a few days, he started to feel the effects of 24/7 chastity. His belt always felt full and his emotions started changing. He faced a new experience like no other. The slave felt like he was in a dream, and he also felt extremely horny and frustrated all the time. It was like a magic circle and he knew that he had fallen under My spell and that now he was My property. He knew there was no way to go back and no way to escape. The CB started having it’s effect. His only thoughts were that his Mistress Petrana is really beautiful, She looks amazing in every outfit She wears and especially in leather. His Mistress changed into a She Devil Femme Fatale. She ordered him to put several photos on Twitter so everybody could see how well he listens to his Owner and how She loves to humiliate him and make fun of him.

He stopped being a free man and became My property and My toy, existing only for My sadistic pleasure and entertainment. Another thing which I ordered him to do was to look at BDSM toys so he could choose some that I wanted and add those to My wish list.

The slave was put into 24/7 chastity, he became My property and My toy. He is now living the life he always dreamed of, a life of slavery, a life of being owned and controlled by a beautiful and Dominant Goddess. He has no right to play with himself, he has no right to enjoy sex, no release without My consent. I own his manhood and I own him. He is My property, and he absolutely loves it…!

His fantasy was becoming a reality, dark, cruel, hypnotic, and wonderful all at the same time.

I also sent him some new photos and interviews of Me which were recently published. He was at a loss for words to say or describe how desperate he felt. My divine beauty – long hair, long legs, long nails and Me wearing a leather skirt with high heel leather boots. For him, I was like a living Goddess.

He usually sent Me his daily messages of worship in the evening and he knew that I enjoyed reading his little notes. He also knew that I knew he would have problems sleeping – which was often the case. I enjoyed knowing that he suffered for My pleasure and he loved the fact that he was suffering in order to make his Goddess happy. His pain was My pleasure. His suffering was My joy. I was getting under his skin and controlling his mind. All he could think about was his Divine Goddess and the fact that he was now no longer a man, he was now just a slave with his chastity key and his manhood hanging from My necklace. No more pleasure for him. Mistress Petrana had taken control over his life. I own him, and he could not be happier!

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