Party at Club Pedestal in London

At the end of January I finally traveled to London. My plan was to attend a Femdom party at London’s legendary Club Pedestal. As you know, I love attending Femdom parties and Club Pedestal was high on My list of places I wanted to visit.

I usually prefer smaller more intimate parties but Pedestal was an exception for Me. I had already read many enthusiastic reviews about it and was really excited about finally getting to experience it first hand. It was like a dream for Me and of course I was looking forward to living the Club Pedestal experience.

Due to unexpected delays at the Airport My slave and I arrived at the party quite late. The event was already in full swing and everybody was really enjoying themselves. It was nearly 1 am by the time we got there but this did not dampen My enthusiasm one bit and I enjoyed the night very much. Despite the fact that I and My slave missed the main program, cabaret, competition for slaves, fire performances, we still had a great time. It was great to be surrounded by so many beautiful kinksters all having so much fun. I looked around and everything was already fully occupied, like spanking benches and crosses. Luckily I found a place where I could sit. I ordered My slave to bring Me a drink and I sat down on a comfortable sofa and watched the people and the action. I sat there taking it all in and really enjoyed Myself. My slave had been a good and obedient pet so I allowed him the honor of worshiping My beautiful long legs and My shiny boots. Pedestal is all about Femdom, Female Supremacy, and foot worship and this is something I really enjoy.

I also enjoyed looking at the beautiful drawings by Sardax which were hanging on the walls. Many of them were new to Me. I love his creative style and how he combines hard core Femdom with beautiful and powerful Femininity. Many of them looked like they came from a magical fantasy land where Femdom was the everyday norm… as it should be. Club Pedestal celebrates Femdom in all its forms and it is a truly wonderful experience.