Holiday in Fuerteventura

At the beginning of the new year I decided to escape the freezing cold in Europe and enjoy My holiday somewhere warm. I decided to spend two weeks in beautiful Fuerteventura in the warm and sunny Canary Islands. I had never been there so I gave My personal slave the task of arranging everything for Me. My slave is always eager to please his Mistress and he found Me a really nice hotel, made all the flight arrangements, packed My bags for Me, and of course accompanied Me – always walking respectfully 3 paces behind his Mistress and carrying My bags. He took care of just about every detail so that Mistress would not have to bother. I simply decided where to go on trips and My devoted slave did the rest.

At the hotel I had a nice luxurious room with a super comfortable oversized bed where I could relax, enjoy getting My daily foot massages, get My pedicures done, and be pampered like the Queen that I am. I had a beautiful balcony with a spectacular view. My slave had done a good job arranging this hotel and Mistress was pleased. As a reward I allowed him to brush My long beautiful red hair and also carefully add a special oil to make it even more shiny.

The food was great. My slave would go out every morning and get Me some of the local tropical fruits, then lovingly cut them into bite-sized pieces and serve them to Me on a platter, on his knees. I love being served and worshipped and this was like heaven to Me. Every evening My slave would serve Me sushi for dinner. Sometimes when I felt especially pleased I would reward him by using him as My personal footstool while I sat on the sofa and relaxed or read a book.

I love being pampered so I paid a visit to the local spa and tried the aloe vera treatment, it was very pleasant.

One morning I woke up and found a small lovely surprise on My night table. A bottle of Magie Noire perfume and bronzer by LancĂ´me as well as some hair products and also skincare products by Sisley. Good boy, good slave – he knows perfumes are one of My great passions and he wanted to make Mistress happy. I love perfumes, they awaken some very powerful feelings, desires, and emotions deep inside of Me.

My slave is totally devoted to Me. he works hard all day long to serve Me and please Me. From morning till night he is at My entire beck and call, cooking, cleaning, running errands, doing dishes, doing My laundry, serving Me, massaging My feet and making Me happy. He wakes up at dawn and makes sure to have a nice breakfast ready for his Mistress by the time I wake up.

I was amazed by the extraordinary landscape and especially the desert. I decided to make several photo shoots while I was there. They came out great despite the fact that it was extremely windy, which whipped up lots of sand and made shooting a real challenge. In spite of all that the shoots were fun and I had a great time. You can see some of the photos I shot on My Instagram page.

Time flew by far too quickly and the day to return home was coming up. I felt a little bit sad to leave this beautiful tropical paradise and return back to the cold European winter; but there are so many great fetish events coming up back home and I always look forward to those.

I really enjoyed My holiday with My slave. The location was great, the hotel was perfect, the food was prepared exactly how I like it, breakfast always ready and waiting for Me the moment I woke up, and of course the service was impeccable!