My very first slave

A few days ago I met My first slave whom I have known since I started in BDSM. Back then I was only active via internet and was still trying to understand My Femdom orientation. I think I was only 17 at the time and I was still high school. Back then I was only an eccentric little goth girl trying to fit in. Around the same time I also started to discover foot fetish as well as the softer side of the Femdom world.

Mistress PetranaI spent a lot of time dreaming and playing out online role playing fantasies with that slave. It was a great experience for Me as it also helped Me realise what I liked and what I wanted. Frankly, at the beginning I was still a little bit shy and afraid to realise My Femdom desires in the real world. A few years later, I met another guy who was totally crazy about trampling and was a really hard core masochist. It was with him that I finally started living out my BDSM fantasies in real life.

With this slave, literally under My heels, I began exploring and learning about My own complicated sexuality. I am still young and I am still searching and exploring new things. I am very happy with My life, especially sexually. For Me BDSM is like an adventure, a journey of exploration. There are still plenty of new and exciting things waiting for Me to explore and discover.

Back to the meeting. Frankly, I did not believe that he would show up. Because many men are afraid to confront their sexual fantasies in real life and they are afraid to surrender themselves to a dominant Woman and Her power. But luckily this was not the case. It was nice because the previous day I was a little bit disappointed because of a time waster. But it was his loss, he had the chance to meet a beautiful tall and young Mistress and didn’t.

I had a really nice session with that slave. I was sitting on My chair and I ordered the slave to get down on his hands and knees and kiss My feet. I have very beautiful feet with nice arches and perfect long toes and they are very sensitive. I really enjoy having a slave worship them. Every time I have My feet worshiped I feel like I am in a different world, far from reality and the boring and normal everyday life. It makes Me feel like a Queen and I love that. After eagerly and obediently kissing My feet he started to give Me a nice foot massage. Then he used oil on My long and silky legs and toes. My feet and legs were very happy and afterwards felt nice and soft.

I really enjoyed it and I was happy that after so many years I finally got to see him in person.