What does partnership mean to Me?

One day I got the crazy idea of finding a photographer because I had plenty of free time before I wanted to leave the Czech republic and I wanted to do some photo shoots. I posted an ad on a Facebook group and wrote that I was looking for a photographer who could make Me some kinky fetish photos. I added My Instagram profile with photos as well as My Mistress website.

After a few hours a guy wrote Me back. His photos were not bad and I thought it would also be good for Me to practice a bit as a Model. We chatted a bit and after a few days came the day before the photo shoot. Mysteriously, he switched from writing Me in Czech to English and asked Me simply “slaves?” I was surprised because he already had My Instagram profile and should know all about Me by now. He wrote Me that “he refused to become My slave”. I was wondering why I would ever want him as My slave in the first place. I asked him to behave politely and write Me in Czech. He assured Me that he was being polite and asked Me simply: “What does partnership mean to you?”.

Yes, the story seems a little strange but on the other hand it gave Me a good impulse to write this article. Despite the fact that we live in the 21st Century there are still plenty of people who are too lazy to use their brains and chose to simply believe the mainstream of society. I don’t want to sound like I am making BDSM to be something more than the vanilla life. If you are happy, live your own life whatever way makes you happy. I say ‘Live and let Live’. Yes, I am a Pro Domme as well as a Lifestyle Domme and to be honest, many people hate Me just because of these labels. It’s just an irrational feeling. They cannot see Me as a person. They simply  reject My lifestyle and that’s it. Yes, I know I don’t need those people in My life.

Ok, back to the meaning of partnership. It was during My puberty and early years that I became aware of My sexuality and the pressures of society. At first I felt guilty and even depressive about it. And why? Because some stupid people refuse to use their brains and insisted on judging Me. I tried to have vanilla relationships and fit in. I tried life as other people would like it to be and I tried be a good girl to make society happy. But I was not happy at all. I was so unhappy in My relationships that I felt suffocated and had a feeling that I could not breathe. I lied to other people. I lied to Myself. I was just losing Myself. I was just a young neurotic girl trying to pretend and make it look like I fit in. I had horrible relationships and was always being told how horrible and strange a person I was.

img_1661-copyThen, after many years I met My personal slave. I felt liberated. It has totally changed Me. For the first time in My life I have the feeling that I can be who I am. That I can live My life as the real Me. I found out just how strong a BDSM relationship really is. BDSM is like dancing, you lead your partner, you help him when he falls, you become one body, one mind. BDSM is more than just physical, it is a state of mind. It’s all about trust and control. You learn to become a better person and you grow as a person. At the higher levels of BDSM play when you get into Dom or sub space you can also play with the mind of your partner. It might seem dangerous but it is all about trust, self control and being a good psychologist.

Yes, so what partnership means for Me is Trust. After many years of searching I have finally found someone who understands Me. Who supports Me in everything I do. I am a Domme but I am still a Woman and I need that feeling of partnership. When you start a BDSM relationship the bonds become stronger. Just imagine that you lost one part of you…