visit to The Netherlands

I have decided to spend the summer of 2016 in The Netherlands. There is a vibrant kinky scene there and many opportunities to have kinky fun. My private slave happend to come from there as well, so I can use him to guide Me around. I’ll be staying in one of his flats in the centre of the country.

So, for the entire month of August 2016, I’ll be in The Netherlands, visiting parties and fetish stores in both The Netherlands and Belgium. I’d like to meet new people, so if you’re interested in meeting Me, send Me a polite email and who knows what might happen.

Last weekend I visited Belgium. During the day I visited museums and had a look at the architecture. While walking through the picturesque streets of Antwerp, I enjoyed the gothic buildings and had drinks in a small cafe. Since Antwerp is a fashion capitol, I could not resist to do some proper shopping. Later in the evening I returned to My luxurious hotel suite where I had My slave pamper Me, while I enjoyed a relaxing jacuzzi bath.



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