New year’s eve party

I have decided to take My personal slave to a party this new years eve. I’m sure it will be an evening full of enjoyment. Enjoyment for Me of course, because My slave will be working for My pleasure.

Mistress Petrana with Cane Before we go to the party, he will be ordered to make Me a dinner. Then, while I get dressed for the evening, he will have to tidy up. He will then drive Me to the party where I expect to be served by him all night. The party is in a BDSM club in Prague, so he can expect to be fully used to My advantage. I think I’ll treat Myself on a bit of fun with him as well. There are excellent torture rooms there, so I will most definitely abuse My slave’s body with whips and canes. I have a very strong urge to inflict quite a bit of pain on that slave of Mine. I just can’t help it, but I am a bit of a sadist 🙂